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A wonderful pilot named Karlene Petitt has wrote about me on her blog.
I can't believe that I actually cried re-reading the stuff that I had sent to her...
This is because after I wrote the email, I just send it out without thinking much.

Receiving such a motivated comment also make me almost cry...

Dear God,
I hope everything will be alright >.<

I'm back?
pretty hyomin pray
Hey everyone..

I'm back. Thought of wanting to create a new blog but maybe I'd do that for my bahasa melayu blog.
This one I rather keep as it contains tons of memory,
I created this 10 years ago people.

10 years a go!

Let's make it another 10 years to go. heheh

Love you peeps.
Please expecting more updates from me


Hello October
pretty hyomin pray
Wait a sec!

This is my ony entry this year? wtf T_T
Day by day my consistency in writing an entry has descreasing rapidly. Denggggg~

Hi guys..
How are you?
Let me gear up first ^^

Can't wait for my next trip to Korea.
My 2nd winter moment oh yeah~
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Never give up
pretty hyomin pray
Tough times but it won't stays.
Have you heard those?

I was facing yet another tough turns and times in life in order to achieve my dream.
It was so tough that it challenge my heart and I cried. I am sad :(
Sadness won't make me stop.
It just one point in life where I question my own faith and believe upon myself.
No I won't give up!


[ FANFIC ] White Promises 00
Notes :  Hiii guys!
This is actually can be called as sequel from Pink-Haired Boy although the only related thing is one of main male character from that story is here, again! Along with female main character younger sister. Ahha~ if you read Pink-Haired Boy you will understand me. lol~
Poster are in the making but I am tempted to write again after so long hiatus from writing a fanfic. ^^


By Asmiera


To : Choi Nara
From : Evan Sprout

*BLUSH* Really? I know you’re a lot prettier than your sister. It’s a deal then. I give you 8 more years to grow and you’re 20 that time. That’s if you don’t mind if I’m 12 years older than you?




That magical promise from someone made to me long ago. Accurately 8 years ago. Someone that somehow earned a special spot in my heart. Although many years had passed and I was a little girl that time but now I’m already 20 years old and graduated and yes I am a no longer children. I am Choi Nara and starting from today, I’m gonna find my Mr. Sprout, claiming all the promises he made.

Just you wait oppa!

Nara is coming!!!

To be continued.....

Began to write again

Long ago my passion was only writing and second is learning language but ever since I left my study field and began to work,
I kinda switch both alternately. Was I happy about it?
Well, both also my passion but despite eager to learn Korean which I study hard every day and night all the time except
didn't take proper classes which cause me double harder lol, I also decided to continue back to write. They said DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO, AND YOU EARNED NOT JUST MONEY BUT HAPPINESS TOO.
I was thinking, until when I had to sucked up all the shitty stuff at workplace doing shitI don't like to do in fact hating it and
surrounded with myself with such people.... oh well let me just skip that part. Talking about negativity will evoke all the
negative spirit and negative mindset within you and that's what I don't want to happen right now.

P1040093 - Copy
Part of my happiness ~~travelling to Korea.

Do what you love to do!

You see!
I had enough with everything. I guess I shall start do what Ilove to do earnestly.
Some shitty mouth told me learning language is foolish as it will waste my time.
Truthfully, who cares as long as thats's what I love to do. Does spending too much time at gym for
wrong purpose of having blaaahhblaaah body will bring you benefits at the end of the road of life?
No right? What? I can't say that cuz we human cannot predict future? So then I supposed the same thing goes to you.
Language is part of knowledge or we alay called it ilmu, even Allah has promised there's nothing
wrong gaining knowledge. Certain things are not meant to be seeing the beneficial of it in a short time.
What is so wrong about enjoying my language learning process?


[Randomization] 별 ( Star ) - 난 최고야 (You are the best)
I have so many reason to like this song~
Cuz I always love stars (별 -> Not really the singer but star itself) and I always love to say this
to people ^^. So this song is summarize on what I like and what I want to say ^^

Such a cute refreshing love song and the simple lyrics is just too nice ><

Let me share the lyrics~


너 왜 이렇게 귀엽니. 너 왜 이렇게 착하니. 너 왜 이렇게 사랑스럽니.
난 니가 좋아 죽겠어. 또 보고싶어 죽겠어. 너 땜에 내가 정말 죽겠어.
니 얼굴은 햇살같아. 니 목소린 사탕같아. 니 마음은 저 태평양 같아.
넌 빠지는게 어딨어. 뭐 모자란게 어딨어. 어쩌면 그리 완벽한거니.
그렇게 너무 당연했던거야. 너란 사람을 사랑하는게.
마치 정해진 운명처럼. 홀린것처럼. 빠진것처럼. 널 사랑안하곤 못 베겨.
넌 최고야.
널 만나고 난 변했어. 온 세상이 달라졌어. 모든게 너무 이쁘기만 해.
싫어하던 흰 우유도. 난 니가 주면 잘 마셔. 참 말 잘 듣는 여자가 됐어.
그렇게 너무 당연했던거야. 너란 사람을 사랑하는게.
마치 정해진 운명처럼. 홀린것처럼. 빠진것처럼. 널 사랑안하곤 못 베겨.
넌 최고야.
최고야. 넌 내게 최고로 멋진 그런 사람이야.
내 사랑이야. 나만 가질거야. 너 이제 아무데도 못가.
딱 붙어있어줘.
그렇게 너밖에 모르는 나야. 난 너만 생각하는 바보야.
사랑이 원래 그런거야. 난 홀린거야. 푹 빠진거야.
어쩧게 니가 나 책임져.
넌 최고야.


Why are you so cute, why are you so nice, why are you so loveable?
I like you to death, I miss you to death, I’m gonna die because of you
Your face is like the sunlight, your voice is like candy, your heart is like the Pacific ocean
What do you lack? What do you not have? How can you be so perfect?
It was so natural, loving a person like you
As if it was a decided fate, as if I was bewitched, as if I’ve fallen for you
I can’t go on without loving you
You’re the best
I changed after I met you, my whole world changed, everything looks so pretty
Even the white milk that I used to hate, if you give it to me, I drink it so well
I became a girl who listens so well
It was so natural, loving a person like you
As if it was a decided fate, as if I was bewitched, as if I’ve fallen for you
I can’t go on without loving you
You’re the best
You’re the best, you’re the best to me, that’s who you are
My love, only I will have you, you can’t go anywhere now
Please stick to me
I only know you, I’m a fool who only thinks of you
Love is always like this, I’m bewitched, I’ve fallen deeply into you
What do I do? Take responsibility for me
You’re the best

credits to : korean44.blogspot


[K-Indie] MR.ZIHASIL (지하실군)

오랜만이다~~지금 어떻게 지내요?


Haa that was brief intro in korean language from me as I still learning ~. My progress from February til now is getting better
I guess? Well, I just started learning intensively few month ago and sadly not attending any proper class so its kinda forcing me
to put extra effort. Nevetheless I enjoy it bit by bit! Pieces by pieces!

And here am I, after so long not posting anything. Well, spazzing has slowly faded from me due to ageing. LOL okay was a joke
but I can't really write as much as I used to be when I'm a student. To make this long intro short, I wanna talk about K-Indie world.
K-INDIE? 어머나?!!! ㅋㅋㅋ ... Yes, K-Indie ^^ It was my first time too, trust me. I always heard about how indie people have better music etc. Be it rapper, band or even singer. Some make it big to mainstream land but some, although not make it to mainstream but they are freakin talented. Never underestimate indie people power! As you know I'm a kpop fan but I will admit K-indie song
has better lyrics and beautiful melody and song ^^ just a simple song that touch your heart. Not believe in me? TRY! GIVE A TRY!

지워, 그게더쉬워 ( Easier, If I erase her )

MR.ZIHASIL ( 지하실군) is not really first k-indie singer song I listened I mean a few days ago my friend gave me one song from Acoustic Collabo ( forgot the title tho ) so I just listen in the name of "listen" but yesterday, my other friend suddenly link me to
Mr.Z song. ( PS : I actually love calling him Mr. Ji seriously but he said called him Mr. Z so ^^). At first I was like, "Ohhh indie music?"
And she said try the lyrics... when I ask more she said I must listen on my own so here I am, listening to his music. I was watching the youtube channel and fascinated over the fact he prepared subtitles in korean and english for us listeners and the music video wasn't just a simple slide but it's a "storyline" which related so much to the song. That was the first thing amaze me and then the lyrics T_T.
I swear the lyrics, as simple as it seems but that simplicity touched my heart. Maybe, coincidently the story Mr.Z tried to convey
kinda similar to what I felt and experienced currently. I just mentally change it to " Easier, if I erase him" LOL sorry MR.Z ><..
And then slowly it wasn;t just about the lyrics... the song itself, the melody in general. May I say how I love the piano at the start like OMG THAT PIANO!! MANNNN PIANO IS HAUNTED CRITERIA IN SONG MANNNN!! I mean not ghostly haunted but nice factor that might haunt your mind ( I may put it exaggerrately but you surely agree!!!). That piano music is a good intro T_T.... and then came his
beautiful voice..... and then bammmm CHORUS!!!!!
The song really beautiful in every aspect T_T,... feels like haven't heard something so beautiful yet meaningful like this and
Mr. Z voice... wow. If you know me, you might kno how I am very typical bout vocalist since I am more team rapper and I love rap.
But Mr. Z voice somehow captured me!!!! NICEEEE~~~~~~~~
I even shamelessly leave a comment to him that I'm his fan.... haaaa that shameless level will only happen if I really like something!
I'm sorry Mr. Z for having such weird fans. lol. I wanna comment more about this song but its better if you take time and listento it on your own. You won't regret!!!

Liking someone, like the unexpected feeling of suddenly loving someone so much that it hurts~
Its like protecting your own heart and rather make the feelings turn to friendship despite how hurt it was...
ALSO, protecting that person heart as well (?) .
Despite how bad you wanna tell that person about your feelings, confession isn't as easy as "고백날" story. (lol)
It challenges you until you rather give up and erase everything.

OMG what the hell am I talking... aih ( might as well destroy the actual message oh I'm sorry )
That kind of theme may sound cliche but if you feel it, you know how much it hurts.
I wonder if this song was actually based on Mr. Z personal experienced? >//////<
I swear I love some parts.... well I love every part but some sentence penetrate me like bullet. LOL ( tragic T_T )

친구로도 난 괜찬아 , 친구만 나 있을게..
I'm fine being as friend, I'll remain just as a friend

Me and my ugly sobbing now

Ahhh~ lemme share the lyrics. That sad beautiful lyrics~

Courtesy and all credit goes to MR. Z and I am here to share the beautiful and spread some love
because an awesome talented singer like him deserves more love!

LYRICS ( Easier, if I erase her )

Korean & English

지하실군 - 지워, 그게더쉬워

Mr. ZIHASIL - Easier, if I erase her

너만을 보는 내 맘으론 너무나 아파

It hurts too much because my heart only can sees you

내 맘을 줄일 그 맘으로 니 앞에 나가

I came to you to reduce my heart for you

바보같이 나 왜 이렇지 나

Why am I acting like such a fool

그냥 니 앞에 있는 것만 해도 너무 좋았어

It felt so good just to be with you

이제는 너를 내 맘에서 지워야만 해

Now I gotta erase you from my heart

너에게 빠진 나를 내 몸에서 빼야 해

I must get rid of my self who is so obsessed with you

바보처럼 나 왜 이렇지 나

Why am I acting like such a fool

그냥 니 곁에 친구로만으로 난 괜찮은걸

I'm fine being next to you just as a friend

니가 내 곁에 있다면 니가 내 옆에 있다면

If you are by my side, if you are here with me,

친구로도 난 괜찮아 친구로만 나 있을게

I'm fine being as a friend, I'll remain just a friend

니가 내 옆에 없다면 니가 내 곁에 없다면

If you are not by my side, if you are not with me

그건 내가 절대 안돼 그래 내가 포기할게

No, I can't ever accept it, I'd it, I'd rather give you up

친구로만 나 있을게 그래 내가 포기할게

I'll remain just a friend, I will just give you up

친구로만 있어도 돼

I'm fine just being a friend

아무 말도 할 수 없어 내가 하고 싶은 말들

I can't say anything, the things I want to say

무슨 말이라도 하면 네겐 너무 낯선 말들

If I say anything, it'd be so unfamiliar to you

사실 니가 너무 좋아 이게 내가 하고픈 말

"Actually, I like you a lot", the word I would like to tell you

이말하면 너는 멀리 떠나갈 것 같단 말야

but if I say this, I feel that you would run away

싫어 싫어 슬퍼서 싫어

No, no, I don't like this sadness at all

미워 미워 미워 아파서 슬퍼

I hate, hate, hate this sadness from this pain

기억 기억 기억 너를 향한 기억

Memory, the memory, the memories of you

지워 지워 지워 지워 지워

Erase, erase, erase, erase, erase

내 맘에서 지워

Erase it from my heart

지워 지워 지워 그래 다 지워

Erase, erase, erase, erase it all

쉬워 쉬워 그게 더 쉬워

Easier, easier, that's much easier

그게 더 쉬워 그래 다 지워 난

Easier, if I erase her, I

지워 지워 지워 그래 다 지워

Erase, erase, erase, erase it all

쉬워 쉬워 그게 더 쉬워

Easier, easier, that's much easier

그게 더 쉬워 그래 다 지워 난

Easier, if I erase her, I

그게 더 쉬워

Easier, if I erase her

그게 더 쉬워

That's easier

끝 !
슬픈노래~~~계속 울었어 지금 ㅠㅠ
Aaaaa I need to ask refund from MR.Z for making me wasting so much water ( tears) eversince I start listen
to this..... he better make happy cute song next time. LOL, if not, please wait my "sue" letter. ㅋㅋㅋㅋOKAY OKAY i WAS JOKING.

Guys!! KPOP is fun but take times for K-indie too!
They may not be too flashy to glamorous too hot too whatsoever but they never lack in talent!


Oii~ ^^
kan chuuuuuuu nyuuuu~
It's July now.

I thought we're just entering January and my goodness how time flies!
How shocking!

I remember back then when I love to post about random stuff such as going to mall snap snap pics of clothes and post it here. lol... good old memories. That time also my right-side brain were so active so I kept came out with so much creative fanfics and even long random LJ post. That was 7 years ago story. I guess age do play part but hey don't underestimate the power of your brain and mindset! I believe it wasn't because of age only... most of it, at least to me because when I start working three years ago, I slowly start using my left brain more in order to take cadet pilot exams. I never really work hard on my left-side brain even when I was studying. I mean.. maths etc doesn't even intrigued me but being someone who is finally realized I might be on the right path to become a pilot , I need t put effort. Hence I start buying mathematic book and physic, start browsing web such as bbc math and such... start camping in flylah forum and so much more. Though, the journey still not come to an end because I am now stuck at second stage since the company encounter some sort of internal matter so every batch starting from the one before me ( I'm batch 7 ) were put on halt. T_T... that mean I have to wait again and again. Oh nevermind then. Doing so much physics and math slowly enhance my left-side brain activities and at the same time I neglect writing so slowly, my ability to write decrease. Gosh, I must find way to balance.
I want to write because I love writing!!! T_T


I am start talking random now am I?

hahahahaha as always~

So, since we're entering half month of Ramadhan so I would like to wish all muslims people Happy Ramadhan.
Let's pray for our brothers and sisters who are in need as they need our prayers more than anything.


Hmm it's been a long time~ haha
Good morning everyone.

It's 0715 in my place right now. Rise and shine~~~~
Well, haven't really spazz so much lately here but mind you I spazz too much at twitter. lol hahahahaha
Just wanna shout random things.

Ji Hayong !( an ex-leader of HITT and current leader for AlphaBAT )
Guess how old is he? kekeke... I shall made some spazz post on him soon so wait ah xD

Park Sejun ( SPEED member )
This random cutey guy deserves some cute post thread as well so wait ah xD

Lee Sangmi ( TINT member )
This pretty lovely girl one of Tint member and I feel like spazzing bout her too... oh she looks like APINK Hayoung. keke but I love Sangmi more.. bias here! Cuz my APINK biased is Chorong tho.

Badass face of Kim Hansol from Toppdogg ... hahahaha
Because this is my top priority group ( TOPPDOGG WOOFF WOOOFF ) so for sure need to spazz bout them a lot!

QL a.k.a Sanghyun from BTL ( because he's my bias... lol )
I haven't spazz randomization or rookies right? soon I shall made BTL post! wooho~~~~~

Til then,


This is Mira!
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